About Steph Thorne

Hi, My Name is Steph!

IMG_2335_rette_R(1)-EditI am a working wife + mom who helps hardworking women focus on their responsibility to make self-care a priority in their busy lives. I am a full time QA specialist, part time blogger, and all the time book nerd. When I am not reading, writing, or working out, I can usually be found leading book clubs, trying new makeup looks, organizing charity events, and taking hot relaxing baths. My husband and I live in the Washington, DC Metro area with our amazing five year old son.

I love my family with all my heart, and I am extremely dedicated to my career and social organizations. But I realized that my attitude and appearance did not reflect the kind of woman I wanted to become. I was not putting the same amount of time and effort into myself as I invested in everything (and everyone) else. I took a step back, reevaluated my priorities, and I found that I needed to dedicate some time to ME! And that is how PinUpGirl Beauty was created.

“Self-care is a divine responsibility”


The mission of PinUpGirl Beauty is to encourage hardworking women to take time for themselves. Today’s working woman is always on-the-go, giving every part of herself to work, family, friends, and social organizations. PinUpGirl Beauty is dedicated to empowering women to make their self-care a priority in this laundry list of responsibilities.


My husband and I got married in May 2015, one of the happiest days of my life, aside from giving birth to our son. I am honored to hold the title of wife and mother to these two gentleman, and I would move heaven and earth for their happiness. It was because of them, that I realized my need to take care of myself. How could I be a loving, caring wife and mother to them, if I was not in an optimal state physically, mentally, and spiritually? So I began my research on the best ways to ensure I was beautiful, brilliant, and blessed, so that I could pass on that experience to my family.