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When I first started in direct sales, I struggled to focus on daily tasks. I tried using a regular planner to organize my business to-do list, but I needed more room to write. So I created this direct sales planner printable worksheet to keep me organized.

I found myself showing some other Boss Babes in my company, and the ladies loved it! I was surprised, because I just made it for my own use.

If you love to write down your day like I do, download the Free Daily Direct Sales Printable Worksheet.

The Direct Sales Planner Printable Worksheet includes:

  • Two page spread for each day
  • Girly pink and gold colors
  • Sections for:
    • Top 3 Priorities- to list your “must do” tasks for the day
    • The day’s agenda
    • Daily affirmations
    • Social media posts
    • Live video planning
    • Lined and blank space for notes and doodles

Download your Free Printable Daily Sheets Now

How I Use My Daily Direct Sales Planner

I usually start my day by identifying the top three priority tasks that MUST get done that day. I write them in the “Top 3 Priorities” section.

From there, I add all my events and activities with their times on the “Today’s Agenda” lines, leaving room for the free time between events.

Then I focus on finding an appropriate affirmation for the day. I like to coordinate my social media posts to match the affirmation. For example, if today’s affirmation is “I am a magnet for free-flowing money,” I will find a quote that deals with financial abundance to post to Facebook. Then later, I may post a photo of something I was able to invest in because of the money that flows through my business.

Finally, I fill in my other income producing activities: calling, emailing, or messaging customers and prospects, following up with current customers, training my team, and posting about my products and services.

*Bonus tip: If you want to save paper, try printing it half size and double sided. It works perfectly, and you still get the benefits of the two page layout.

Let me know how you use your daily sheets. Will it help you stay on track with your goals?

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Get this free two page spread daily direct sales planner printable worksheet to help you organize your direct sales business into daily tasks. Works for any network marketing or social media marketing business.

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