What Makes LimeLight by Alcone Different?

“What makes LimeLight by Alcone different?” This is a guest post from my FACE Crew teammate, Sara Mogno Duffey, founder of The Transformation Team. Her account of her success with LimeLight is detailed below, and it was originally posted on her Facebook page on February 15, 2017.

What makes LimeLight by Alcone different?

There are too many things to count.

But one of my faves? Our approach.

what makes LimeLight by Alcone different
Different is a good thing. What makes LimeLight by Alcone different from other companies?

We don’t do spammy, cold-message inspired, manipulation driven, bulk-group-adding, direct sales.

We don’t hustle. We don’t pressure. We don’t give weird ultimatums. We don’t manipulate you to buy from us or meet with us, so that we can tell you about our life-changing opportunity and our amazing products. (Though they are.)

For some, this is what works. And I certainly don’t fault them. But it isn’t me. It isn’t us.

We don’t “sell.”


Our lives and our hearts. And what we love.

And the sales COME to us. As do the team members.

I am living proof of this.

Here’s what I have achieved without ever utilizing the traditional direct sales practices described above:

I have sold almost $14K personally since I joined LimeLight 6 months ago. I have a team of 15. Of this 15, only ONE is someone I reached out to, because God had put her on my heart. (And it was on her heart too. ) Everyone else has come to me. I made the top 25 sales performers in the entire company of over 7000 last month. I earn more than I ever have in my life. Enough to retire as a professional makeup artist and for my hubby to quit his 3rd job. (Major for us!)

And instead of receiving a gazillion ‘NO, I’m not interested,’s a week, I receive more ‘thank you’s’ than I can count. (Truly) Women reach out thanking me for my tutorials, for openly sharing my life with them, and for introducing them to such amazing products.

Why am I sharing this? Not to fluff my feathers.

I share this because want you to know that I’ve done it all without ever asking anyone to buy a thing. Or begging them to come to a “party” or join my team. Or tricking them into a phone call (when I secretly plan to tell them about my business). Or turning my whole newsfeed into one giant, spammy infomercial.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t twiddle my thumbs and magic happens. I work my tail off. Every day. But I do it MY way.

And my method isn’t just mine, it’s our entire company’s.

THAT is just one of the many ways we are different.

Want to learn even more about what makes LimeLight by Alcone different? Schedule a conversation with me, or browse the LimeLight website!

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