Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino 🦄 Yeah, I Tried It!

My social media has been blowing up about the launch of this Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks, so I had to try it out! I am in a group of professional makeup artists with LimeLight by Alcone, and we are affectionately named “the Unicorns”. Members of the team who…

10 Things to Do in DC this Spring

  It’s my favorite time of year! The weather is warming, and the high humidity days here on the East Coast are not quite upon us yet. Now is the perfect time to enjoy all the amazing things to do in DC this spring. Washington, DC, and the…

Chic Work Wardrobe Styling

Lately, many popular work wardrobe style guides geared toward professional women tend to be boring, monochromatic, and slightly sexist. “Don’t be too sexy or revealing.” “Stick to solid colors you can mix and match.” There is an overwhelming idea that “professional” and…

What Makes LimeLight by Alcone Different?

“What makes LimeLight by Alcone different?” This is a guest post from my FACE Crew teammate, Sara Mogno Duffey, founder of The Transformation Team. Her account of her success with LimeLight is detailed below, and it was originally posted on her Facebook page on February 15, 2017. What…

Why You Should Join LimeLight by Alcone in January 2017

I didn’t think it could get any better to join LimeLight by Alcone as a Beauty Guide, but then TWO announcements sweetened the deal!

First, starting January 3, the new Beauty Guide Starter kit includes even MORE amazing full size products to get your business started. The products alone total $374 in retail value, and that doesn’t include the catalogs or training materials. Get this professional kit today!

Top Ten Must Have Products for a Beautiful New Year

Starting a new year always comes with resolutions, upgrades, and cleaning house, so what better way to celebrate than to update your skincare and makeup look? Check out my top ten list of new year must have products for the start of a beautiful year! 1. Customized Skincare– The…

How Social Media Marketing Can Change Your Life

When I bring up the opportunity for social media marketing, do you know what I hear a lot ? “I want to join, but I’m not a salesperson.”

Are you sure?

social media marketing can change your life

CoverGirl Star Wars Lipstick at Target

I have a secret to share: I consider myself a serious Nerdy Girl! Whew! Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I can tell you about my newest lipstick obsession! There have been a bunch of movie and book inspired makeup lines launching lately by different cosmetics brands…

Beautycounter for Target Launched This Week- What Did I Buy?

The Beautycounter for Target launch has been all over Twitter and Instagram for the past three months, so I was excited to finally find it in my local Target.

It was not as easy to find on the first day of launch, Monday, September 12. The Target team members I approached in the beauty aisle had no idea what I was talking about. But I went back on Tuesday, and like magic, there stood the prominent end cap filled with Beautycounter products designed especially for Target!

Beautycounter for Target launch
Beautycounter for Target display on the end cap of my local Target beauty aisle.