My Top Self Care Sunday Tips

I used to have a standard self care Sunday routine that I would adhere to faithfully. But life can get busy, and weeks went by before I got back on track.

Then I remembered a post I published awhile ago, and I had to take my own advice. I talked about 3 Easy Ways to Get Ready for the Work Week in April 2016 (on my birthday). And these tips are still relevant today.

planning out my week during Self Care Sunday using Erin Condren Hardbound planner

I feel less stressed when I follow a consistent routine of preparing for the work week on Sunday nights. I can focus on individual tasks without having to worry about missing important events.

I have added some more tips and tricks to my morning routine since my last post, and now I call it Self Care Sunday. We all need that time right before a new work week begins to connect with ourselves and prepare for greatness.

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My Self Care Sunday Routine

I break my self care Sunday routine into three categories: relaxation, organization, and planning. Most people think self care is all about laying out on the beach with a steamy romance novel and tuning out the world. And that can certainly be one part of a person’s self care strategy. But I also include tasks that may sound like a lot of work, but they are necessary to my peace of mind and sanity during the week.


Relaxation seems to be people’s first thought when I mention self care, and it ranks pretty high on the list. Relaxation self care includes, meditating, journaling, listening to music, reading a book for pleasure, taking a walk, or laying in the sun to enjoy the breeze. Each of these tasks helps relax your mind and reduce your stress. It’s necessary to find the best relaxation technique for yourself, and practice it regularly.

On Sundays, I love giving myself a face mask. I have oily skin, so I use LimeLight by Alcone’s clay mask called Masque of Zen. This helps regulate my skin, clear out my pores, and keep my skin balanced.

I also have a coconut candle in my room for meditation and journaling time. And I started to associate this scent with a sense of calm. So now whenever I smell the scent of coconut, I instantly start to fell less stressed.


I found some great challenges to help me organize my house and increase my productivity through Tonya Dalton, the creator of inkWELL Press planners. I started organizing my closet by work outfits so it’s easier to grab my outfit and get dressed with no fuss.

I also arrange my fridge to make lunch packing quick and easy. On Sunday, I wrap a few sandwiches, pieces of fruit (he LOVES grapes) and some other easy to handle item. I place them on the lower shelves of the fridge, and my son can grab them and pack his own lunchbox. This gives him some responsibility, while freeing up my time in the morning to get ready.


inkwell press weekly kickstart notepad
Even though this photo is from my last post, I STILL use this weekly kickstart from inkWELL Press to organize my family’s events and to-do lists.

I plan my upcoming week in my Erin Condren Hardbound planner, and I transfer the weekly to-do’s and events onto the inkWELL Press Weekly Kickstart posted on the fridge. This keeps me up-to-date in two places to make sure the entire family is in the loop for the week.

I am still working on meal planning for dinner, so stay tuned for tips and tricks as I delve into that next week!

And that’s it! I have gotten back into the swing of self care Sunday because my sanity required it.

What do you do to get ready for the work week?

PS- Here is a $10 code if you’re ready to try either the Erin Condren Hardbound Planner or the inkWELL Press Weekly Kickstart. Happy shopping!

My top tips and easy ways to enjoy self care Sunday and get ready for the work week

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