Why I’m Not Attending My Direct Sales Conference This Year

My direct sales conference starts in a week, and I’m not going. LimeLight by Alcone holds their annual conference, Palooza, in July, and this year it will be in Austin, Texas.

I bought my ticket. I started planning outfits.

And then, my husband and I had a fight.

Don’t get me wrong, my hubby is amazing! We have a great life together. But we have a lot going on this summer, and he couldn’t see past the expenses.

I planned my budget. I saved my commission checks. I anticipated every hesitation he had about spending money. But at the end of the day, it didn’t matter.

My face when hubby said I couldn’t go… via GIPHY

Why Not Go Anyway?

I know what you’re thinking, I should just go anyway, since it’s my money, my decision, and my life.

And maybe, before I got married, I would have agreed with you.

But right now, I want my husband to be supportive of my business. I want him to show concern and excitement when I talk about my accomplishments. And with him, I have to remember the saying “you catch more flies with honey”.

I pick my battles, and this one isn’t it. I plan to attend our regional training in October, which is much closer to home. And LimeLight will ship me my conference swag bag, since I won’t get a refund on the ticket.

LimeLight Palooza 2017 direct sales conference
The ad for this year’s LimeLightPalooza in Austin, Texas. Image via LimeLight by Alcone

What Do You Do When You Aren’t Going To Your Direct Sales Conference?

Direct sales leaders always stress the importance of attending the company’s annual conference, and I’m no different. We WANT you to go. We encourage our teammates to experience the magic of the conference, because your business will BOOM afterwards.

But I’m realistic. I know not everyone can make it work. Whether it’s the date, the location, or the expense, sometimes our plans don’t work out.

So I compiled a quick plan for boosting your business with the momentum of conference without physically being there:

Follow Your Top Leaders on Social Media

I guarantee you the highest leaders in your company will be streaming live or posting pics of all the excitement happening at your direct sales conference this year. If you are able to get a copy of the agenda, mark the dates and times where there will be big announcements or product launches, and tune into your leaders’ social media pages at those times.

This way, you can still stay in the loop with all the new and exciting announcements from your company, and you may have an advantage over others because you will be able to repost/retweet the info while you wait for the next post.

Start Planning Your Budget and Obligations for the Next One

I learned my lesson; I didn’t involve my husband into planning for LimeLight Palooza, and it bit me in the butt when the time came to attend. That won’t happen next year, because I will have my plan in place almost a year in advance.

  1. Use this year’s costs as a guide for planning your budget. LimeLight had an early bird registration price that saved $100, so I am planning to set aside the registration fee now, so I can purchase my ticket for 2018 as soon as it goes on sale.
  2. Look at the transportation costs from home to the location this year to compare travel methods. Even though the event may not be in the same place next year, at least you will have an estimate to start saving now, and you can adjust as the event gets closer.
  3. Write out a plan for what needs to get done while you are away. If you weren’t able to attend because of a hesitant spouse like I was, then having a plan for childcare, household obligations, and bill payment ahead of time will make the case for going so easy.

Let Your Network Know You Are Excited About Attending

Get your family, friends, social media network, and customer base excited about your direct sales conference. Share your teammates’ photos (with their permission), and let your network know you are super excited to be in the photos next year.

Then get to work! Go back to your “why” and get motivated to meet and surpass your sales goals. Use the enthusiasm you have and the excitement your team is showing to hit the ground running.

Are You Ready to Work Toward Your Goal of Attending Your 2018 Direct Sales Conference?

Let’s keep each other accountable. I want to see ALL my direct sales leaders at their conferences in 2018!

Leave a comment, or send me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and let’s connect.

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