3 Easy Ways to Get Ready For the Work Week

I used to really struggle with how to get ready for the work week. I have a Monday to Friday 9-5 job, and Sunday afternoons feel like the last bit of freedom before the busy work week begins. I would spend my Sunday afternoons counting down the hours until my weekend was over.

"It's 2pm: I have 10 hours before bedtime... I can take a nap for a few hours, then eat dinner, then watch my favorite TV show, then check Facebook..."

But lately, instead of wasting my Sunday afternoons dreading the idea of Monday, I have started using the time to set my week up for success. Check out the three actions I have started taking to get ready for the work week ahead.

3 ways to get ready for the work week

1. Write Down My Daily Schedule

I always like to check the calendar for the week to get a feel for my family's upcoming events. Since my husband and I have slightly different work schedules, we usually have different commute options based on what events we have going on in the evening. It is nice to get a visual of everything going on, so you can get ready for the week as a whole.

2. Make a Master Task List

Once I know the schedule for the week, I write out ALL the tasks we need to get done that week. I spend 10 minutes dedicated to writing everything down in a list, no matter how big or small. Then I go through the list and prioritize them high, medium, or low. From that list of tasks and events, I identify the "top 5" things that MUST get done that week. I feel accomplished knowing that, at the very least, those five items will be completed by the end of the week.

inkwell press weekly kickstart planner pad

To write all this down in one place, I love using my inkWELL Press Weekly Kickstart notepad. I can post the complete sheet on the refrigerator and, voila! We now have an easy event/task reference for week. My son loves helping out by checking tasks off the list as we complete them. Since he is only six, his chores are small, but he takes them very seriously.

3. Set Out My Office and Workout Wardrobe

Finally, I find that I am much more efficient in the mornings when I do not have to think about what to wear that day. Plus I feel more put together and professional in my work clothes because I know it isn't something I just slapped together on my way out the door. I start a load of laundry on Sunday morning, and then I take them straight out of the dryer and hang my outfits up with all the accessories. I also set out my athletic clothes so I can just jump right into them in the morning. I have no excuse to avoid working out, because everything is laid out for me.

What routines do you incorporate into your weekend so you are ready for the work week? How do you organize your schedule and tasks to maximize your efficiency?

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