5 Black Friday Tips to Conquer the Biggest Shopping Day

My family and friends will tell you, I LOVE this time of year. And "gift giving" is my number one love language. I remember being a little girl and making gift lists for my friends, family, and teachers early in the holiday season. I was prepped and ready for the Thanksgiving Day paper to be delivered, so I can pull out the store circulars with all the Black Friday ads. And as soon as Thanksgiving dinner was over, I will have the papers spread out, strategizing for Black Friday shopping.

Now, with the advantage of internet and smartphones, I don't have to worry about the physical circular papers on Thanksgiving Day. But despite the new technology (and in some cases, BECAUSE of it), I have compiled my best Black Friday Tips to get you ready for THE BIG DAY.

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My Favorite Black Friday Tips

Here are my top five favorite Black Friday tips for conquering the big day and staying on track with your Christmas budget!

Research Before You Shop

Many retailers have started releasing their Black Friday deals online long before Thanksgiving Day. This gives us plenty of time to comparison shop before we make a decision on where the best deals will be found. And don't forget that it's not all about the lowest price, but also about the most convenient deals. If you end up missing Thanksgiving dinner because you have to be in line all night at Wal-Mart, then maybe the saving isn't worth it.

Consider Shopping Online

Many retailers are embracing the online market this season. They understand that the hustle and bustle of their brick and mortar stores is becoming too stressful for most shoppers, and they are matching most in-store deals online.

Plus, when you shop online, you can use Ebates to get cash back. If you haven't tried it yet, it's super easy! Sign up for free, then choose the retailer you plan to shop with, and click the link through the Ebates site. You will be credited with the designated percentage within a few days. Plus, I have an exclusive link to get you a bonus $10 on your first shopping trip through Ebates!

Don't Sleep on the Sales the Weekend Before

The weekend before Thanksgiving has become a great opportunity for stores to preview their sales prior to THE BIG DAY. Sometimes you may even find a better deal that has not been advertised as heavily. Check the sales papers on the Sunday before Thanksgiving to compare to the leaked Black Friday ads, just to make sure you're getting the best deals.

Also, check out the prices on Wednesday to see if they have loaded the deals a day early!

Have Your Shopping List Game Plan Ready

The stores are trying to get you caught up in the frenzy, right? Stay focused on the goal by writing out the deals you want and keeping the list with you while you shop. To make it easy, I made a quick printable to keep all your store lists in one place.

And the most important tip: Have Fun!

Don't let this time of year stress you out. What is the point of the holidays if we get so caught up in the deals and miss the fun! Keep the end goal in mind and enjoy yourself through every step of the shopping promise. Happy Thanksgiving!

How are you planning to tackle Black Friday?