5 Fabulous Ways to Love Yourself More This Year [ELR:001]

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Weekly Affirmation: I am enough. I have enough. My gifts will make a way for me. I have all that I need.


I just finished the last of my Valentine's Day candy and Girl Scout cookies, and now I am looking in the mirror wondering what is wrong with me.

I notice that sometimes the words in my head are full of negativity and self doubt. And when those negative thoughts become habit, they manifest into body shaming and self-hate. Have you ever had those thoughts and feelings?

Well if you have, I wanted to give us all a few ideas to help us love ourselves and our beautiful bodies even more during this "month of love".

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Here are my 5 ways to love myself more this year:

1. Take time to step away from the noise

My phone and computer are filled with too many ways to get distracted: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, blah, blah, blah... 

And most days, I can manage my time without being overwhelmed. But lately, the noise has been negative and trivial. Those are the times where unplugging from the technology is key.

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2. Work my goals at my own pace

Along with the general overwhelm of social media, there is also this urge to compare myself with what other people (especially bloggers and small business owners) are doing. 

It's easy to feel like I am not achieving my goals as fast or as frequently as others on my timeline. Or I over-analyse my work after viewing an amazing post or brilliant photo on someone else's feed. I have started consciously reminding myself that I am working at my own pace, and my success will look different from everyone else's.

And for you, if that means unfollowing some people on social media, or limiting your conversations about your goals with your acquaintances or coworkers, do it. Take time to map out your own milestones, and stick to it! 

3. Learn how to say "NO"

We all want to be involved and helpful when someone asks us a favor, or requests our presence at an event. But I found myself burned out and stressed in 2017 because I tried to DO EVERYTHING and BE EVERYWHERE, even when I really didn't want to be there. Why was I doing things that don't make me happy? 

This year, I am learning the art of saying "no" without being rude. I am actively using my planner to balance my work and family. And if there is a conflict when someone asks for a favor, I politely decline so I can put my life, business, and family first. By setting these boundaries, I am not stressed and spread too thin; I can focus on my goals without distractions.

4. Consume personal development material

With all the crazy information we get bombarded with everyday, we have to remember to consume information the same way we consume good foods- we are what we consume.

So I have been getting back into reading personal development books and listening to motivational podcasts. Not only do I get a fresh, uplifting perspective, but I am also strengthening my skills and knowledge in content development. 

I usually combine this with my moments of relaxation-- listening to podcasts while I walk or reading a book while I relax in the tub.

5. Start and end the day with positive words

My new favorite part of my morning routine is sitting at my vanity, staring in the mirror, and repeating my morning affirmations. These words fill me with the power and motivation to glide through the day. I find that  on the days I say my affirmations out loud in the mirror, I have more confidence, I make better decisions, and I feel great about how I look.

Similarly, before I go to bed, I spend a few minutes writing down everything that went well during the day. I give myself credit for my daily accomplishments, which enforces that I am making progress toward my goals.

I find that I am much more loving and accepting of myself after I have done any one of these five things. 

What do you Do to love yourself more?

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