6 Travel Beauty Must-Haves for less than $6

Do you love getting new travel beauty goodies as much as I do when you are planning for your vacation?

I find myself scouring the travel sized section at Target and Ulta right before a trip, looking for something amazing for my cosmetics bag. This year, I found some even better treasures online, and they were all less than $6. Thank you, Amazon Prime!

6 Travel Beauty Must Haves.png


This little razor is adorable! It comes in an easy-to-carry clam shell case that protects the razors from everything else in your cosmetic bag. Plus, it is short, so you don't have to worry about trying to force the handle down into your bag.

I am used to using the Venus razor system at home, so I love that this incorporates seamlessly with my normal routine. My Venus refills fit this portable system, so I can just grab an extra head from my medicine cabinet and I am out the door!


Hotel rooms and cruise cabins are small spaces, and the bathroom is usually a window-less closet positioned too close to the bed. With Poo-pourri, you can eliminate the embarrassing scents that may come from sharing the bathroom in such close quarters. Simply spray this travel size tonic in the toilet before you go, and the elixir will trap any unsavory smells below the water. 

I have the full size version of the original citrus scent in every bathroom in the house. But this lavender vanilla scent is so refreshing! I decided on this scent so I could associate it with travel and vacation. Plus I find the lavender vanilla is more universally appealing, regardless of who I may be sharing a hotel room with.


I love makeup brushes! So much so, that I get new brushes delivered to me by Morphe every month. I can easily fill my entire makeup bag with just brushes, especially my extensive collection of eyeshadow tools.

This mini brush set is perfect for travelling when I don't want to lug (or clean) my full size collection. These seven brushes are enough for a full face on-the-go. And they don't shed like some other cheap brushes I have used. The set includes a powder brush, concealer brush, two types of eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner brush, lip brush, and eyelash/brow brush.


If you are ever looking for the perfect lotion to carry around in your purse or take with you on a trip, this little beauty is it! Plus it comes from the Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value collection, which is a perfect blend of quality ingredients and affordable prices.

I use this lotion everywhere and a little goes a long way. I'm pretty sure I am still working on the same 1.75oz bottle from the last three months.


In my quest to leave a slightly smaller carbon footprint, I wanted to find a way to remove my makeup without using disposable cloths. But I never felt right just using my hands and some facial cleanser.

That's when I found these microfiber cloth reusable wipes. They are soft and gentle, much easier on my face than trying to use the rough washcloths provided in hotel rooms. And I can use them with either just a little bit of water or water and face wash. Then when I return home from my trip, I just drop them in the washer with the rest of my laundry.


Something about travel always makes my eyes puffy- whether it's the early morning wake-up or the long day of planes, trains, and automobiles. I like to freeze this mask the night before I depart for my travel, then pull it out right before leaving, and pop it on my eyes when I get settled into whatever mode of transportation I am using. Unless I am driving, obviously.

This cold mask does the trick to keep my eyes refreshed throughout the day, and I can pop it back in the freezer to reuse as many times as I want. This also works well on the back of your neck when you are overheated in the summer.


This one is a bonus because it exceeds the $6 limit, but for less than $10 these two bags are well worth it. 

I get tired of crushing my 3oz liquids in an ugly ziplock bag every time I go through airport security. Plus, it doesn't fit with my chic travel appearance to be seen with a basic ziplock baggie, right? So I invested in this toiletry bag that is TSA approved to fit the 1 quart rule, but durable enough to last multiple trips.

I use the larger bag for makeup and the smaller bag for liquids.

What is your favorite beauty product to take with you on travel? Show me your must-haves in the comments!