Top 5 Date Night Ideas to Upgrade From the Same Old "Dinner and a Movie"

In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, I know how easy it can be to fall into a comfortable routine. And with that, my husband and I have noticed our opportunities for romance have taken a back burner to work meetings, daycare updates, and episodes of Peppa Pig. So we started planning date nights to spice up our romance and reconnect with each other.

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Why Date Night?

Sure, I talk to my husband every evening after we put our son to bed. We make sure to ask each other about our day, and we have made a habit of sharing one thing from the day that made us smile. But sometimes we have to remember to capture the magic that made us fall in love in the first place.

When my husband and I first started dating, we went to some of the most off-the-beaten-path locations in our city, and it was amazing! We had an adventure every weekend, and the memories from those dates still make us smile, laugh, and get steamy. Just because we are now married with a little one does not mean we have to lose the spark that makes us adventurous.

When you're planning, don't forget that dates do not have to be elaborate productions that cost a lot of money. A simple lunch in the park or stroll through the gardens can be pretty effective in focusing your time on each other without breaking the bank. The purpose of the date is to relax and reconnect with your partner, not stress about spending, right?

Five Date Night Ideas

Recreate a "First Date" or "First Meeting"

I like to to meet my husband at a local bar or restaurant after work. I wear something a little out of character (different hairstyle, new lip color, different dress style), and my husband buys me a drink as if he is just meeting me. It is fun to ask the "getting to know you" questions, and I have even found some things I didn't know about my husband that way.

Photo Scavenger Hunt in the Park

My husband is a self-proclaimed smartphone photographer. He likes to think he can capture more real life moments with his phone than with all the equipment of a pro. And I love to test him in this theory by heading to one of the many scenic parks in our area on a photo scavenger hunt. We pick a category (birds, colors, insects) and we spend the afternoon trying to capture as many unique and stylized photos of the objects in that category. Then we sit down to a packed lunch and compare our results.

Support a Charity Event

My husband and I are both busy in fraternal organizations, so we kill two birds with one stone by making a few charity events into our date nights. It is a great chance to not only get dressed up and go dancing together, but also support great charity causes, such as literacy funds or college scholarships.

Play Each Other in Adult Game Night

I love playing Connect Four and my husband has a thing for UNO, so on weekends where we can't get a babysitter, we put our son to bed, then whip out the card games and board games on the living room floor. I have never laughed as hard as I do when I get to sink my husband's battleship *wink*.

Road Trip Roulette

For this date, we fill the car up with gas and create a road trip playlist full of our favorite song choices. Then we get in the car and GO! We let the music playlist play and we enjoy the ride, with no particular direction in mind. We just make turns when we feel like it. Then, when the playlist ends, we stop the car wherever we are. And we make a date out of whatever is around us in that location. I can't tell you how many hole-in-the-wall spots we found this way.

How do you spice up your date night to avoid falling into a romance rut?