Self-care is not selfish. As hard-working women, it’s a necessary part of our lives. When we take care of ourselves, the whole world falls into place.
— Steph Thorne, Creator of PinUpGirlBeauty


The mission of PinUpGirlBeauty is to encourage hardworking women to make their self-care a priority in their daily lives. . Today’s working woman is always on-the-go, giving every part of herself to work, family, friends, and social organizations. PinUpGirlBeauty is dedicated to empowering women to take time for themselves without guilt, while still accomplishing this laundry list of responsibilities.

About Steph Thorne

Steph Thorne is a working mom dedicated to helping hardworking women make self care a priority in their daily life. She is a full time QA Manager, part time blogger, and all the time book nerd. When she is not reading, writing, or working out, she can usually be found leading book clubs, trying new makeup looks, and taking hot, relaxing bubble baths. She lives in the Washington, DC Metro area with her energetic six year old son.



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